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April 28, 2013
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Tears fell down, her red puffy cheeks. She felt betrayed. (y/n) was abandoned by the (l/n) household exactly three hours ago. Make that three hours, 4 minutes, and 20 seconds. Numbers, the only comfort she ever had in life. Why? Because to her, numbers were logical. They were the only things that made sense.

Her family, two brothers, one sister, a father, a mother, ten maids, one butler, three cooks, 5 servants, and a lazy cat, all of them traitors. How dare they leave her here in the middle of a forest? All because of her special ability. (y/n) is a very intelligent young girl whose only concerns in life are the solutions for different formulas. Most families would see that as a talent, something to be proud of. But not hers. The only thing they want out of poor little (nickname) is a silent, obedient, girl who has no opinion about anything. The exact opposite of who she is.

The forest was dark and held many evil creatures in it. None of which concerned the girl who wanted nothing more than to count. In order to cheer herself up, she decided to play the numbers game.

Twelve trees in front of her, ten behind, eight to her left, nine to her right. Two owls sit on top of a tree with sixty branches that are visible.

The sound of hooves clacking on the rocky trail could be heard from a distance. Sixteen hooves, four horses, four wheels, one carriage. But how many people? At least two have to be in it. Finally the carriage comes closer to (y/n)’s small figure. Two heads, two people, one in front driving the carriage, one in the back relaxing.

They came to a stop in front of her, (y/n) not taking the hint that she’s sitting in the middle of the road. She became lost in her numbers game.

Two ties, one per person, one pair of glasses, but how many buttons though? The driver stepped out first. He had fourteen buttons and two dull, yellow eyes.

(y/n) was completely caught up in this game, she forgot about why she was so upset. Who cares that her family hates her? She had her numbers and that’s all she needs.
Finally the passenger stepped out. Twenty-two buttons. She loves buttons; they’re so much fun to count. In fact, the dress she is currently wearing contains thirty- two buttons, sixteen white, fourteen black, and two grey.

“Are you even listening to me?” An annoyed voice asked, more like yelled. (y/n) looked up with bright (e/c) jewels. She completely zoned out anything this young, obviously rich boy had to say. Instead she decided to take in his strange appearance. He had short, light blond hair, and pretty blue eyes. He had on a long, purple coat, black booty shorts, and a green shirt. So strange.

“Pay attention to me damn it!” He shouted, again breaking her train of thought. Finally she decided to listen to this child, probably no older than her.

“Why are you out here and what are you doing exactly?” He finally calmed his tone down.

“I’ve been get out of my family and abandoned out here about four hours, twelve minutes, and six seconds ago, so I decided to play a game.” (y/n) replied, a cocky tone to her voice.

“A game?” The boy asked, “What kind of game?”

“A counting game.” (y/n) stated. “You have to count out everything you see, the clouds, the trees, the birds, anything and everything. It’s more fun to play with someone else.”

“Can I play?” The boy asked.

“Your highness, we have to get back home.” The driver, who was obviously this boy’s butler stated, interrupting the conversation.

“Claude! Don’t interrupt me when I’m about to play a game with my new friend!”
Friend? But she didn’t even know his name. Besides, she never had a friend before, why would he want to be friends with me. (y/n) zoned out as the boy argued with his butler, Claude, about whether or not they should leave.

“So I take your silence as a yes?” The boy suddenly asked. (y/n) looked up at the boy wide eyed, wondering what the hell she agreed to.

“Yay! Claude, when we get home, make my room look presentable, I want miss, umm, wait what was your name again?” “(Y/n)…” “Yeah, (y/n) that’s it, I want her to sleep with me from now on. I want to always be close to my best friend, (y/n)!” His tone was so cheerful and contagious; (y/n) couldn’t help but smile and giggle herself. “You know, I didn’t quite catch your name either, best friend.” She liked the way best friend sounded on her tongue.

“Oh! I’m Alois Tracy!” He replied, holding his hand out the young girl. (Y/n) smiled taking his hand in her small, fragile one.

~two months later~

“Ten roses?” “Nope.” “Eight.” “Getting close.” “Oh now I remember, six red roses are behind the bush. Right?” “Yep, you got it.” Alois smiled, surprisingly he never got tired of this game. (y/n) helped make it exciting.

“Now (y/n), here’s your next challenge, how many diamonds are in your ring on your finger.” (y/n) looked confused.

“But Alois, I’m not wearing a ring.” She whined in a childish voice. Alois, chuckling slightly, pulled out a velvet box and got down on one knee. He opened it up presenting a beautiful sliver ring with three tiny diamonds on it.

“Three, he stated, one for the past, one for the present, and one for the future, as long as you promise to be my beautiful, smart wife.”
(y/n) smiled, hugging the boy who for once acted mature.

Four wedding bells, two doves, thirty five guests, and two lovers. (y/n) loves numbers, but she loves Alois more.
My first request done, now time to do a bunch more.

I rarely do fluff so this may be a little not so good, but I'm still pretty proud of it. The temptation to give this a sad ending was huge, but I pulled through. *dramatic tear drop*

Alois: what the hell kind of sad ending would you give this
me: um, you know, death and stuff...
Alois: you were going to kill me off, weren't you?
me: maybe~
Alois you're a bitch..

so anywho, I'm pretty proud of how this turned out. And I don't own Alois or you, Alois belongs to black butler and you belong to Alois of course. ^^

story requested by :iconneondemonsandhedgies:
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